Red Wines, White Wines and everything in between, it can be challenging. A drink menu can certainly help in making difficult to decide what to have with a meal. Of course restaurants have what might be considered cookie cutter drink menus that provide your classic beverage style drinks, drinks that taste like the idea of what drinks are supposed to taste like. Then you have those establishments who have in their employ someone who really knows their stuff when it comes to alcohol delights.

Red wine and White Wine

Let us start off with red wines and how they are used. We have beer, but we prefer serving wine. You can see how it is usable here. The rules on how to use it have been broken since the 60s. One delightful concoction in the creation of a summer drink is a drink named Rd Hot Summer. This wine cooler type drink is made by combining ¾ cup red wine ¼ lemon lime soda some ice and it can be garnished with a lime wheel. It is a very refreshing and cooling drink that’s great for the hot summer weather.


Now moving on to white wines that have many different drink flavors, but I’ll just mention a few. This could be on the drink menu for the summer or whenever. White Wine Sangria is great for the summer also, but can be consumed anytime of the year. Just before it is served ginger ale or club soda is added. It makes a great refreshing cool drink. A variety of fruits can be added to the mix like peaches, calvados, apples, and raspberries.

Rosé Wines by the Glass can be ordered at your favorite drinking establishment. It is a light wine that is easy on the palate and is mildly fragrant. It is made from black grapes and is thought of as a dry wine. Ordering Rosé Wines by the Glass is a good idea, as ordering a chafer or bottle may not be in the best interest of the consumer if they might be watching their alcohol intake.

Going elegant

Champagnes can be ordered in a wide variety of drinking concoctions according to what fits your fancy at the time. Here are some other great ideas from the drink menu that can be deliciously taken in. Mimosa Margaritas made with tequila and which can be made with different champagnes. Lime and oranges make up the rest of the flavors to product a yummy mouth watering cool beverage.

Sparkling wines can produce a really great feeling, so much so that you’ll get a great big smile on your face and show your sparkling whites. Yes it is very fizzy and can tickle your nose and is considered a white wine. This wine can be ordered mostly at restaurants and is traditionally drunk with chicken or fish, but as mentioned earlier the rules have changed in recent history. This wine will put a smile on your face so much so that you will show your sparkling whites

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